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Welcome to Dr Helen Allergy

Why Dr Helen Allergy?

Dr Helen Allergy is a family run business.  

We are passionate about ensuring you have access to the right help at the right time. 

Dr Helen is a highly skilled clinician with over 18 years’ experience as firstly a GP and also an Allergy Specialist Doctor.  

“Dr Helen is approachable and reliable and her personal experience of battling allergies, makes clients feel that they have been truly understood.”
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Dr Helen was nothing short of amazing. She listened with patience, she understood with absolutely no judgement and most of all she gave me the answers and my baby the voice that she so desperately needed. I left the appointment with 100% trust in her advice, diagnosis and plan going forward which I rarely do with any health professionals due to the journey we have had. She truly is the expert in her field and I would trust no one else. The accessibility in terms of information, advice and guidance even after the appointment is incredible and it is clear Dr Helen recognises the need for ongoing support, support which unfortunately the NHS GPS just cannot or are not qualified enough to give. Thank you Dr Helen, I am truly grateful to you and could not have hoped for a better experience.
Dr Helen has been an amazing support for me and my daughter remotely since I came across her free facebook page, and now her membership.She has given me not only the knowledge but also the confidence to make sure we got AAI’s for my little one, but equally successfully introduce peanuts!Just wish she was closer for a face-to-face!
Excellent service from Helen – to have the peace of mind to help me find a formula for my allergy baby was an absolute life line when we were really struggling. Thank you so much
Dr Helen is a brilliant doctor. Kind, compassionate and very knowledgeable. It is invaluable that she is also a practising GP and knows the workings of the NHS. Very happy to recommend.
I joined Dr Helen’s Facebook members group, and instantly felt reassured. It’s such a useful resource knowing you can access accurate personalised information when you need it. We had our 1-2-1 with Dr Helen where she provided some really useful insights and suggestions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr Helen or the group!
Dr Helen has supported us through Oral Immune Therapy (Palforzia) for our sons peanut allergy.She had been amazing throughout, so generous with her time and expertise.Our son is sometimes pretty anxious but we quickly realised this would not be the case with Helen, she immediately put him at ease.We are so grateful for the opportunity to have the treatment and change his life.We are all able to be more relaxed knowing how much safe he now is and the risk of anaphylaxis is greatly reduced
This is the second time I’ve had a telephone consultation with Dr Helen. She is very knowledge on her subject and on both occasions very generous with her time and very accomodating in when we scheduled the appointment. She was more knowledgeable than my own GP who had misdiagnosed my daughter as not anaphylactic and further NHS tests confirmed that what Dr Helen had said was entirely accurate and correct. She also explained things better than at an NHS allergy clinic my children had been referred to. I had also done some allergy testing in my previous appointment for myself in which she sent the results through within 24 hours which was amazing. I found her to be warm, empathetic and knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.
Was appserlutly amazing
I joined Dr Helens Facebook group and had a 121 with her. She was amazing with great advice and gave us a bit of a plan to support my sons allergies. The Facebook group is brilliant, Dr Helen always responds to questions and provides so much support to all of the members. Her knowledge, kindness and compassion is unrivalled from medical professionals
I have recently signed up for the subscription service with Dr Helen Allergy and I only have good things to say about her and the whole service provided. We had our 1-1 within a few days of me signing up and although it should have been 15 mins, she definitely gave me more of her time to go over both my children’s history and plan going forward. I have never understood their conditions (eczema and allergies) as well as I do since signing up for Dr Helens help.All the experts within the group are so helpful and quick to respond to any questions. I would say the biggest thing for me is I feel validated, whilst giving useful, practical advice Dr Helen is also very compassionate to the stress of being a parent to children with allergies.My only regret is that I didn’t find this service sooner!
I joined Membership with Dr Helen Allergy on Facebook because I was struggling with weaning my baby who seemed to be reacting to all manner of foods (non IGE symptoms). I was finding it really stressful and didn’t have any support as NHS appointment wasn’t for several months. I had seen Dr Helen recommended in other allergy Facebook groups but was sceptical at first about joining a membership group on Facebook. However, I wish I had found her when I went though all of this with my first baby! She is so knowledgeable and supportive and actually listens to you and doesn’t make you feel like you are just a neurotic mother. She answers your questions really quickly, it’s like having an allergy consultant in your pocket! Would recommend to anyone, worth every penny (and actually very reasonable price as you can pay monthly). There is also heaps of dietician advice and eczema info which has been invaluable. I couldn’t have got my son’s eczema under control without it. Thank you Helen.
If you’re looking for advice and support for allergies and/or eczema, then look no further!! I wish I had discovered Dr Helen a long time ago. We’re not local to her but had a fantastic virtual consultation with such helpful advice on next steps in our son’s allergy and eczema journey. Dr Helen is so knowledgable and made us feel listened to and understood. It can be a lonely and overwhelming journey and I would highly recommend consultation with her to guide you on your journey. I have joined Dr Helen’s membership group on Facebook and it’s the best thing I ever did for regular advice and support.
I brought my 4 year old daughter to see Dr Helen and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Dr Helen listened to our problems carefully and she gave us lots of guidance, information and reassurance. She has a very friendly and gentle approach and completely put my daughter at ease for when she did the tests. This is an excellent clinic and anyone with allergy issues should go here. Thank you very much!
I feel so lucky to have found Dr Helen. She is a wealth of knowledge to help navigate the allergy World. I wish I’d found her sooner!
I visited Dr Helen after searching on the internet for an allergy specialist, after realizing Dr Helen was also a GP I knew she was the lady I had to see. After a long time of feeling quite unwell Dr Helen went through all my symptoms and conducted the allergy test. Within a couple of days I had a thorough report and my results were back. My whole experience form start to finish was great. I would definitely recommend Dr Helen 🙂
The access to experts and support has changed our lives navigating food allergies with my youngest child. I’m not sure how I’d cope without it!
Being a first time parent,its stressful.Being a first time parent of a child with allergies..its terrifying.I was at a breaking point when i found Dr Helen grup and once i joined the membership,i didnt felt so scared and lonely anymore.The care and compassion she offer each and every parent that goes thru this hard journey is beyond wordsI m and i will be forever grateful for the amazing support and kindness she always offered us thru this journey and we are getting great progress thanks to her!
Response from the owner: It’s a pleasure to be the one privileged enough to support you on this journey x
Really pleased with the 1:1 and support from Dr Helen. Followed her advice and my son’s eczema has cleared up completely. She really took her time and listened.
When my son was diagnosed with a milk allergy I felt helpless and filled with anxiety. I felt alone and at times would let worry consume me. Not knowing where to turn to get the help we needed was the hardest part and I am so grateful to have found Dr Helen. With her help we were able to identify the cause of my son’s reaction, treat it and make a plan for the future. Finally I saw some hope when I was feeling quite lost. Helen has given us the confidence to introduce foods which worried us and provided support every step of the way. It truly feels she is invested in our son’s wellbeing.By becoming a member of Dr Helen’s allergy group I have gained so much knowledge about allergies ; How to recognise them, how to manage them and how to live well with them! Connecting with other allergy parents has provided a sense of community and comfort.I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr Helen to any parent.Sonia Nagpal
I visited Dr Helen at The Sandbanks Clinic in December 2023.She discussed my issues with me in detail and found out how I have been dealing with them thus far.She carried out allergy testing there and then and explained the process and results very clearly.I was given a private prescription for an ointment which has been an absolute miracle. No more sore and swollen eyelids, and I can now use make-up and hair products without fear of repercussions.I still avoid perfume in all products, but that is not difficult to do these days.I also take an antihistamine tablet each day, and I don’t worry so much that this is the wrong thing to do.I can’t think why I didn’t contact Dr Helen years ago, but I am very glad I searched for ‘Allergy Testing’ late one December evening last year.I am all sorted now but will continue to read the regular communications from Dr Helen. I thank her very much for her knowledge, her empathy and the lovely way she sorted out my skin problems.
Response from the owner: Thankyou for your lovely review Sandra- so many people say they wish they had come earlier. Hopefully your review is a reminder to people that help is out there! x
I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Dr Helen and to know I have her guidance and expertise and that of the specialists and speakers who work alongside her – as well as the chance to be part of a community of others in a similar situation – to help me navigate the challenges of being a parent to a child with multiple allergies.Dr Helen had reviewed my son’s most recent clinical notes prior to the virtual consultation I had with her so it was an incredibly valuable session. She suggested a slightly different plan to that which my local allergy team had proposed and gave me the confidence not only to ask them to consider doing things in a different order, but also the understanding of why that might be a better plan. Dr Helen sent detailed follow up notes after the virtual consultation which I could share with my local team and they completely understood and accepted Dr Helen’s suggestion and were very happy to change the plan for my son. It turned out to be absolutely the right thing to do!Since my virtual consultation I’ve asked Dr Helen a couple of questions, all of which she has answered incredibly quickly and thoroughly in her very warm and friendly way. My local specialist allergy nurse is great, but the membership package with Dr Helen is hugely reassuring and valuable and I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone who had any questions or concerns about allergies to join.
We feel so grateful to have found Dr Helen’s membership. A place to learn genuine allergy information, feel more confident about the challenges we are facing with our son’s peanut allergy and to get clarification on so many unanswered questions. Dr Helen has an incredibly warm and calm nature and articulates information in a very understandable and positive way. Communication throughout the membership is always so friendly and relatable and it’s refreshing to be part of something where people genuinely care and want to help. It’s priceless to have access to this knowledge, support and community. Thank you all so much!
Response from the owner: I’m so glad we can be a part of your journey xx
I FELT fortunate when i discovered Dr Helen and was listened to at my consultation. I am feeling reassured that we will get the bottom of my issues. HIGHLY recommend Dr Helen to anyone who may be in need of guidance or advice.
Response from the owner: Thankyou so much for your review and I agree, I am sure we can get to the route of the problem x
We had a very positive experience with Dr Helen. My 3 year old was made to feel very at ease and we were very reassured by her assessment.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your kind words – parents always come worried that their children will be upset, but our toys usually win them over!!
I approached Dr Helen Allergy for reassurance due to anxiety around eating Peanut, which I had become worried about due to confusing experiences/testing when I was younger that had resulted in me being unsure whether I was truly allergic or mildly allergic and therefore avoiding peanut unnecessarily, causing myself anxiety, inconvenience and embarrassment in various situations. Dr Helen was really understanding and took my concerns seriously, and came up with a plan to help determine my sensitivity to peanut and safely help me overcome my anxiety eating it – once reassured that it was indeed not a true allergy I was experiencing. I can now eat in restaurants and be cooked for without worry, knowing exactly where I stand with allergens and it is a big relief. I am really grateful for her help with this, having been dissatisfied with previous attempts to do this falling foul to pseudoscientific Vega testing. She was really kind and lovely to talk with during the process and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who has allergy concerns.
Response from the owner: Thankyou so much for your review. It is an honour that you trusted me and I’m so glad that your life can move forwards now, in a positive way.
I came to Dr Helen after a long stint of a really bad eczema flare that. She was absolutely amazing and very detailed in her enquiries. We looked at all routes and what was great is that she broke down all the explanations and reasonings behind things. I left after my one appointment with a great cream schedule and a lot better understanding of my eczema and the causes. She answered any questions I had in general and knows her stuff. Would definitely recommend and better than a GP!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for sharing your experience India. I’m so glad to have been able to help. I hate seeing people suffer with eczema, especially when most people just need a good treatment plan and explanation.
Dr Helen is kind, empathetic, and extremely knowledgeable. On both occasions that I have met with her, I have come away feeling relieved and hopeful. She makes you feel that you are not alone, in what can sometimes feel like a worrying and isolating time. A truly amazing person who has improved our family life- we feel much better equipped to navigate our little one’s allergies. Honestly cannot recommend highly enough. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Response from the owner: Love this Rebecca, thankyou. It’s been a pleasure to look after you all.
Dr. Helen has been so helpful in finding a way forward with my allergy type symptoms. I needed some answers before I went on a remote walking holiday and Dr. Helen arranged allergy testing quickly and I had a follow up appointment as soon as I got the results with really helpful advice and a treatment plan. Dr. Helen is very easy to talk to and is an excellent listener. I am so grateful for all the help she has given me and highly recommend her.
I was recommended by another school mum when my baby’s eczema was really bad. It has been great support with Dr Helen via the facebook group and I have now joined the eczema course and now the membership which gives me 1-to-1 telephone/video consultation monthly. She is very knowledgable on eczema and allergy. I found it was very useful and valued for money as we paid around £2xx for a private consultation with dermatology consultant.
I feel so supported by Dr Helen and her team. I have learned so much and feel that I always have somewhere to turn when I’m worried. She has also manged to erase the horrible feelings that you’re left with after poor treatment by the NHS. She listens and assures you that you’re not crazy, or melodramatic. She validated our feelings and really cares about her patients. Dr Helen was supportive before we joined the membership. But since then the support has been second to none. The one-to-one was more helpful than any support we’ve had for the NHS and the daily answers to questions and general Q&As are such a piece of mind! Her passion and knowledge absolutely shines through and you feel confident you are getting the most up-to-date, evidence-based information. Highly recommend!
My daughter seemed to have an allergy to milk, egg and soya and we are awaiting an NHS allergy testing appointment. I have been unable to get any advice from health professionals in the NHS so far, and I came across Dr Helen’s page on Instagram and decided to reach out. I have signed up to the monthly subscription and I had a consultation with her. It was so helpful! I immediately felt less overwhelmed following our conversation and she gave some really good advice. It is clear that Dr Helen is very experienced and knowledgeable in the allergy field which is really reassuring for a parent in my position. Dr Helen advised that I started the milk ladder with my little one, and since doing this, she hasn’t had any reaction as yet. I am so happy with the advice Dr Helen gave us and I would highly recommend her.Thank you so much Dr Helen!
Dr Helen is absolutely amazing! I had a 1-1 with dr Helen, i received more information and helpful advice than I could ever have expected. Dr Helen really does help you through every aspect of allergy health.
Dr Helen really is like an angel in the flesh! She has helped me get my head around my sons allergies and given me the knowledge and confidence to move forward with them. No ask is too big. She really really knows her stuff as do the rest of her team. It’s like you’re having a conversation with a VERY knowledgeable friend. Highly reccomend her services.
Many thanks to Dr Helen. She is very knowledgeable and has put our minds at rest at the same time as giving us a resolve
My consultation with Dr Helen has been a total game changer.After numerous, unproductive conversations with the NHS I had become resigned to live in misery with my allergies; not knowing what was causing long periods of constant sneezing and feeling totally exhausted as my body was fighting invisible battles that most days it would invariably lose.After 50 years of this steadily worsening pattern I decided that it was long overdue to get some expert, professional help. Dr Helen gave me a very detailed consultation and pinpointed exactly what my allergy triggers were within minutes. I can now mange these more precisely going forward, together with prescribing more effective medicine compared to the rubbish I was buying over the counter.It has only been a short space of time but I can already breath more easily and I’m feeling extremely confident in the plan Dr Helen has developed for me. I had completely forgotten what it felt like to breath normally and the toll that must have been taking on my energy levels and day-to-day life. It has been incredible and I can’t thank Dr Helen enough for her expert knowledge and compassion; she is a real credit to her profession.
We wanted to share our experience that we have had with Dr Helen and her team. We were feeling a little lost with my daughters allergies and didn’t really feel like we had much of a plan moving forward. We signed up to the monthly membership and got more out of the included 15minute phone call than we had from all our appointments put together in the NHS. We felt really listened to and each allergy was discussed and a plan made for each one. We were advised it might be a good idea to have skin prick tests due to the uncertainty around one of my daughters allergies. We saw Odette in the clinic for these, and she was absolutely wonderful. She took her time and made us feel so at ease. She then gave us a plan based on her skin prick results. It’s so reassuring to know that we have a handful of experts in our pocket and can ask a question and get such a quick response. I think if you’re struggling with allergies or need some guidance then look no further!
Dr Helen has been fantastic and so supportive in helping to try and find out my daughter’s stomach problem. Dr Helen has always replied almost instantly to emails and even took the time to call me at 10pm to ease my mind on a letter we had received following some test results. Would recommend Dr Helen highly
I found Dr Helen on the recommendation from my NCT teacher and she has changed my little baby boys outlook. With simple hints and tips the NHS GP’s are unaware of, she took time to listen, look and write everything down that was discussed and a copy sent to my GP. I look forward to seeing my baby gain weight as he should be. Highly recommend Dr Helen thank you.
Dr Helen and her team have been fantastic. I cannot thank them enough. The level of expert advice and personal support provided has made such a difference to my son’s allergy and eczema treatment.
I found Dr Helen through her Facebook page and decided to book an appointment and allergy tests with her for my son. The whole appointment from booking, to the appointment itself, was a smooth process. I left with results and a plan. Dr Helen is very knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions I had. She was very friendly and I felt heard. I have recommended her to several people and will continue to do so.Thank you Dr Helen!
I fight for long time with my hands skin condition and I waited and insisted with my GP. to be seen by a dermatologist and 2 years later my GP. didn’t help much to resolve the problem….I never think about to go private because I was scared about the cost… And I’m the most happy person in the world because that I done it and I’m very grateful that I meet Dr.Helen🙏 I’m very sorry that I didn’t done the consultation earlier.She was fantastic! The consultation and the allergy test she done give me back the hope and confidence that I can resolve my condition. Dr.Helen was very inspiring and definitely is the person will not give up on you!! So definitely I recommend it !!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ People your health worth it!
I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Helen multiple times, and I must say, her professionalism, friendliness, passion and thoroughness consistently exceed my expectations. She never rushes the appointments and genuinely seeks to understand her clients’ challenges, endeavouring to find the most suitable solutions. If it were possible to award more than five stars, I would do so without hesitation. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Helen without reservation.
I had been dealing with years of unexplained hives appearing for no clear reason. I’d decided to make an appointment with Dr Helen after realising that the numerous visits to urgent care centres ruining holidays and stressing out over insect bites and everything I was eating was not sustainable. After the consultation with Dr Helen, I’ve learnt a lot about how to manage my condition. It’s given me a new lease on life and lifted a huge amount of stress that me and my partner were under. She was also incredibly easy to talk to, honestly like talking to a friend instead of a doctor. I’d recommend her to anyone who is living with uncertainty and stress over allergy problems.
Dr Helen is compassionate, approachable and extremely knowledgeable. We had an online private consultation with her for our daughter’s shellfish allergy, as unfortunately we left our NHS skin prick test feeling rushed and confused. She took the time to listen to our questions and concerns, and we finished the consultation feeling heard, understood and armed with the knowledge on how to manage our daughter’s allergy. We are also part of Dr Helen’s Allergy Support Membership on Facebook, where we’ve had help with allergies and our daughter’s eczema and I have never met such a committed doctor. Dr Helen’s knowledge and expertise is exceptional and I would recommend to anyone.
Dr Helen has a lovely empathic bedside manner, she is clearly an expert in her field and is able to communicate naturally with her patients. Seeing her has given me peace of mind. Following my results I feel much better informed and able to adopt lifestyle changes.
I had an outstanding telemedicine consult with Dr Helen. She recommended some changes that have significantly improved my hayfever symptoms.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the kind review, We are delighted to hear things are getting better for you but as always if you need anything else do not hesitate to contact us. Dr Helen
Dr Helen has been an amazing support to me with my weaning journey. Very calming and knowledgeable. I have felt very comfortable asking questions and getting the help I need.
I booked an appointment to see Dr Helen in order to get some reassurance & clarity around my existing allergies which are causing me significant anxiety. Dr Helen was approachable, empathetic & took the time to genuinely listen. She was hugely knowledgeable & offered me support both during & after the appointment. I would highly recommend an appointment with her!
Response from the owner: Thankyou Samantha for your review, I was very glad to provide you with some extra support and guidance.
Very knowledgeable and informative. Given a newfound freedom with my allergies.
Response from the owner: Hi Cameron – I’ve been honoured to be a part of this next step in your allergy journey.
Dr Helen was kind and personable and made the whole appointment a great experience. She was very knowledgeable about allergies and we came out with all our questions answered and more! She gave a very detailed report afterward and always replies quickly to emails. Things have changed so much since I was originally diagnosed with allergies in 2003, and armed with more knowledge I can now live a fuller life in regards to food.
Response from the owner: Thankyou for your kind words Keira. I loved being able to assess you and your brother and give you both updated information that has opened up your lives a little.

Our Dr Helen Allergy Services

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Face To Face Consultation

Welcome to the Dr. Helen Allergy Clinic, located in Poole! We are excited to introduce our clinic, where we specialise in Allergy Consultations for both children and adults.

At Dr. Helen Allergy, we are dedicated to providing you with personalised attention during your face-to-face consultation. We will take the time to thoroughly understand your specific needs, enabling us to offer tailored solutions that address your concerns effectively.

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Virtual Consultation

No matter where you are located, distance is not a barrier to accessing our services. We are pleased to announce that we now offer Virtual Consultations as well.

This means that you can connect with the Dr. Helen Allergy team from the comfort of your own home. Through our virtual platform, you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns with us, and together devise an effective plan for the way forward.

Rest assured that we are committed to providing you with the same level of care and attention, regardless of whether your consultation is in-person or virtual.

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Home Allergy Testing

For individuals who are not able to attend a face to face appointment and need an option to have remote allergy testing performed, we offer an IgE blood test that can be performed at home using a blood sample collected from a fingerprick. We will provide full instructions for this to ensure it is carried out correctly. It can be performed on individuals of any age. This is also something which we can perform in clinic if indepth allergy testing is required. For an example copy of the report that will be received, please click here. The Allergy Solutions test looks at 295 allergens.

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Allergy Help Membership

Imagine having a doctor in your pocket. Someone to message easily if you’re struggling. A doctor who will guide you about what to do/ how to access help and what to speak to your specialist or GP about. Imagine regularly chatting to others going through the same thing. Sharing tips, feeling supported and no longer feeling alone. 

Join now to obtain your 15-minute virtual consultation with Dr Helen, monthly Q&A sessions with Dr Helen, Odette (our dermatology specialist), Dr Penny or Lucy (our specialist for allergy dieticians) and Dr Francesca (our Clinical Psychologist). Additional monthly expert speaker sessions on a wide range of topics as well as daily support from Dr Helen and other benefits too! A full allergy clinic readily accessible from your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of people Dr Helen sees in clinic are those where the family or person suspects they have a food allergy. This can present in a variety of ways – with rashes, swelling, vomiting, bowel symptoms, reflux, and indigestion. Dr Helen will assess what is going on for that person and arrange any testing necessary. Dr Helen also sees many clients with skin rashes and eczema; especially where there is a question of whether food or environmental allergies are contributing to skin difficulties. We also see people where there are concerns about asthma, congestion, coughing. We can test for environmental allergies to pets, house dust mite, pollens and moulds and advise and treat these conditions. We also assess venom allergies such as bee and wasp sting reactions.

There is often a cross over in the type of conditions that an allergist and dermatologist manage. Both specialists can manage eczema and conditions which cause spontaneous hives and swelling. If you are concerned about food or environmental allergies then an allergist is the best person to consult as the skin prick testing and blood testing, we have available, looks at this type of immediate allergy. If you are concerned about reactions to potential chemicals, shampoos, soaps, metals etc., then a dermatologist is the best specialist to see as they can arrange patch testing which looks at a more delayed allergy which causes rashes to these substances. If you are not sure who to see, then please do submit a query and we will help direct you.

Yes, Dr Helen can undertake allergy testing when this is required. The easiest method of doing this is by an allergy skin prick test. This can be done on the day and gives results within 15-20 minutes. If skin prick testing is not possible or acceptable, blood can be taken and sent away for allergy testing (specific IgE testing). Blood test results are usually back within 5-7 days and the results of these and an accompanying explanation will be emailed to you as soon as Dr Helen as reviewed them.

Some insurance companies allow you to see any clinician of your choice and claim back your expenses directly from them. We are happy to see patients registered with companies like this, such as Vitality. Unfortunately, we do not work with other companies such as BUPA, who choose to pay us a lower price than our documented fees.

It is usually possible to arrange an appointment with Dr Helen within 1-2 weeks and if you cannot find a time that suits; Dr Helen is happy to liase to see if something can be arranged. Waiting times within the NHS vary depending on area. At best they are usually 6 months and at worse, in some areas, 18 months or longer. Your own local GP is likely to be able to give you a clearer idea of this.

Allergy consultations last one hour and cost £250. Following the consultation, you will receive an in-depth clinic letter. Allergy skin prick tests cost an additional £100 -this is the total cost of the test and you are not charged per allergen. Skin prick testing can only be done as part of a consultation and cannot be organised separately.

Dr Helen Allergy
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