Allergy Appointment Pricing

Our allergy clinic diagnoses and helps manage a wide range of conditions from eczema and asthma to food allergies and hayfever, in children and adults.

At Dr Helen Allergy, we are dedicated to providing you with personalised attention during your face-to-face consultation. All appointments with a specialist include pre-assessment of forms, a written report, and any necessary written communication with GP and/or consultants post-consultation.

Detailed below are our appointment fees. 

If you would like to book an appointment please call us on

01202 022956  or book online.

Please note that at the time of booking an appointment we will request the full appointment cost which must be paid prior to appointment. If you need to cancel for any reason, please refer to our

cancellation policy

Pricing & Appointments with Dr Helen Allergy

IMPORTANT – An initial consultation for most of our services is required to be booked first (usually up to an hour)

This can be done virtually or face to face at our clinic in Poole – FROM £200.00


Initial Consultation (60 Mins) - £250

Follow Up (30 Mins) - £150
Follow Up (45 Mins) - £190
Follow Up (60 Mins) - £230


Initial Consultation (60 Mins) - £200*

Paediatric Dermatology & Allergy Specialist (60 Mins) - £200
Follow Up – (30 Mins) - £100
Follow Up – (45 Mins) - £150
Follow Up – (60 Mins) - £200


Paediatric Specialist Dietetic Support (60 Mins) - £150
Paediatric Specialist Dietetic - follow up (60 Mins) -£150
Paediatric Specialist Dietetic - follow up (45 Mins) - £110
Paediatric Specialist Dietetic - follow up (30 Mins) - £75


Initial Consultation (60 Mins) - £250*
One Allergen - £150 Per Month
Two Allergen’s - £260 Per Month
Peanut Immunotherapy - £16,000 (total treatment)**

* An initial consultation and allergy testing will be required before any immunotherapy can proceed. The costs include all follow ups. Please see the immunotherapy page for more detail.

** Peanut immunotherapy will then be discussed in full and a shared agreement signed before we can proceed. The treatment is undertaken over 2 years and the cost is payable as a monthly sum over the first 12 months.


Initial Consultation (60 Mins) - £200-250*
Skin Prick Testing - £100
Supervised Food Challenges - £350-£1650 depending on the setting - enquire for more information

* Skin prick tests, will only be completed in conjunction with a consultation (which will provide an immediate answer)

If you think you are likely to need an allergy skin prick testing then it is important that you stop anti histamine medication at least FIVE DAYS BEFORE your appointment. These medications include hayfever medications, some nasal sprays and some anti-sickness medications. Please be aware some over the counter medications like cough mixtures contain anithistamines. You may need to bring the food you are concerned about to the clinic. We currently have skin prick tests available for airbourne allergens and for specific foods. Please contact us for more information.


Initial Consultation (60 Mins) - £200-250*
Blood Tests – From £50.00 (cost variable cost depending on test required)

* Blood Tests (there will be a delay before the results come back from the lab). The laboratory tests vary in price. The price will be confirmed before any tests are carried out.


Initial Consultation (60 Mins) - £250*
Asthma Diagnostic Testing - £200*

* Please note that asthma diagnosis testing requires an initial consultation.

Includes spirometry and exhaled nitric oxide testing. This is done as part of a consultation and is generally only performed on those over 5 years of age.

The following do not require an initial consultation appointment


Private Repeat Prescription - £25

If you have already seen us in clinic but would simply like a repeat prescription, this can be arranged.

Private Letter - £119

If you need a private letter- for instance to support an application to school for your child with allergies, then please contact us. Dr Helen will arrange a short call to discuss the issues and can then write a private letter.


Allergy Solutions Home Test Kit £295

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