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Feeling Alone With Allergy? Allergy Support Can Help

Allergy support is just so important whenever anyone suspects that they or a family member has an allergy. One of the things that everyone can identify with is what an incredibly lonely experience it can be.

Whilst it is estimated that 41 million people in the UK suffer with allergic conditions, very often at the time of diagnosis it feels like you’re alone and no one understands quite what you’re going through and our allergy support can really help.

When you or your child has an allergy, suddenly you’re thrown into a world where everything needs to change. Even weekly shopping now becomes onerous as every packet needs to be studied and every label checked.

Allergy Support Eating Out

Eating out goes from being an enjoyable experience to causing heart-breaking stress and while some restaurants are amazingly accommodating, other restaurants will tell you that they are not able to serve someone with a food allergy or worse still, they will ask you to sign away liability if you have an allergic reaction.

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Having had a son with multiple allergies particularly at a time when food labelling laws were even worse than they are now, Dr Helen understands first-hand how challenging this world can be and how helpful allergy support can be.

Fun events such as Halloween and Christmas suddenly felt like opportunities for disaster and like many allergy families, the burden of managing these conditions felt overwhelming at times.

Whilst the Internet can be an amazing source of information and support, Dr Helen has found that many Facebook groups and Instagram posts can actually cause confusion and fear. As a direct consequence of reading the misinformation across these platforms, Dr Helen allergy has set up our own free Facebook support group for anyone with food allergies, eczema, asthma or environmental allergies to join. 

Our community is free to post as many questions as you like and you will find that the group is a warm, supportive environment. It is also seen overseen by Dr Helen as she will check all answers are factually correct and will also try to answer everyone herself.

Believing that education is key to protecting ourselves against health problems and having the freedom to live a full life, Dr Helen has designed courses to share allergy information with families and patients. Through these courses she will help unravel the mystery of allergies, eczema and asthma and give you a clearer understanding of your health needs. 

If you are interested in finding out more about these courses, please do signup for our emails. Our emails will also given regular information about new research, as well as the odd funny anecdote.

Please do reach out to us at Dr Helen Allergy if you ever feel there are ways we can support you further.

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Imagine having a doctor in your pocket. Someone to message easily if you’re struggling. A doctor who will guide you about what to do/ how to access help and what to speak to your specialist or GP about.

Imagine regularly chatting to others going through the same thing. Sharing tips, feeling supported and no longer feeling alone. 

How would it feel to be understood?

For £19.99 per month (founder price), all this and so much more could be yours.


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