Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring and Sleep Apnea First off, we have snoring and, in more serious cases, sleep apnea. Allergies can cause congestion and inflammation in the airways, making it difficult to breathe smoothly throughout the night. This can lead to snoring, or even short pauses in breathing, known as sleep apnea, which can seriously compromise the quality […]

The Science of Allergies: Understanding Your Body’s Reaction

The Science of Allegies - Dirt is Good

Table of Contents Understanding the science of allergies might give you a slightly deeper insight into how allergies come about. Did you know that allergies are an automatic response of your immune system which erroneously identifies harmless substances as life-threatening invaders? Scientists have unravelled this arcane phenomenon, suggesting that exposure to a variety of allergens […]

Hayfever Hell: Is There any Help?

Hayfever Course – 2 Modules

Hayfever Hell:Is there any Help? Have you ever wondered “Is it just me or is the pollen season getting worse every year?” Subscribe for more help and information Hayfever by Dr Helen Evans-Howells  It’s not just you, the pollen season is getting worse year on year and there’s little to think the future will be […]

Allergy Testing


Allergy Testing What is it and do I need it?       Subscribe for more help and information Allergy Testing Invariably, whenever anyone finds out my specialty is allergy, everyone says ‘ooh, I’d love to have allergy testing and find out what I’m allergic to’. Allergy is a fascinating subject and I completely understand […]

Living With Allergies


Living With Allergies Can Anybody Help Me With My Allergies? Table of Contents Being an allergist, one of the things that I’m often struck by is how long people have struggled in life without any answers to their concerns. Many people who are concerned that they may be allergic to foods are simple told to […]