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Dr Helen Evans-Howells

Hi I’m Dr Helen. I’m so happy that you have found our business and can assure you that you are in the right place to have all your eczema and allergy needs met.

Having experienced first hand, how challenging the allergy world is to navigate, it has become my life’s passion to relieve the burden of others as we guide them through the eczema and allergy journey. Seeing my patients and families leave my clinic, relieved and with smiles on their faces, it feels like a job well done. Nothing brings me more satisfaction – other than perhaps watching my children grow into wonderful young people.

GP & Allergy Specialist

Continuing to work as a GP, as well as an allergy specialist, ensures you or your child will have a well rounded medical consultation. Alongside these roles, I help to run the peanut immunotherapy clinic in Southampton Children’s Hospital, Chair the Anaphylaxis UK Clinical and Scientific Panel, lecture internationally on allergy, sit on various expert panels and write for a variety of publications.

I take every opportunity to raise allergy awareness in the hope that allergy services improve across the UK, ensuring everyone can get the help they deserve.
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Odette Rodda

Odette Rodda

Hello! I am Odette. I am currently an Advanced Nurse Specialist for Children and Young People in Dermatology and Allergy at University Hospital Dorset. 

I joined the dermatology team in 2009 to lead and develop the children’s service and quickly realised my families would be better cared for, if I further developed my allergy knowledge.

I joined the children’s allergy team in 2010 and developed a joint allergy dermatology clinic for our children and families who were struggling. I have worked in partnership with the dieticians, co-taught professionals about Cow’s Milk Protein allergy and eczema and realised that a multi-professional approach to managing children with eczema and allergies is essential.

Masters in Allergy

To extend my knowledge I completed a Masters in Allergy.This gave me the opportunity to network with lots of like-minded people and is where I met Dr Helen! Fast forward a year …I am joining her in her business to be able to give you advice about all things Eczema and Allergy!

My personal aspiration is for all families  to have access to professionals who know how to manage eczema and allergies, giving sensible advice and allowing you to enjoy your child.

Danel Tainton

Hello, I am Danel and I work as a paediatric dietitian at University Hospitals Dorset.

I have worn many different hats in my 20 years as a dietitian but my favourite is most definitely working with children. My areas of specialisties include supporting children and parents with managing food allergy, fussy eating, weaning, tube feeding, blended diets, nutrient deficiencies and poor growth.

In my time as a children’s dietitian I have seen a shift in the number and complexity of children with food allergies, which can be tough and distressing for both children and parents. This is often exacerbated by conflicting advice available from health care professionals, friends and even the media which can add to parent’s anxiety and may result in an unnecessary avoidance of certain food allergens.

Tailored, evidence-based nutritional advice

I am therefore passionate about supporting children and their families with evidence based nutritional advice that is tailored to the individual child and not only considers a specific nutritional diagnosis but also their physical health, development and quality of life.

I am very excited about joining Dr. Helen and her team to improve the lives of children with allergy. 

Vicky Jones (aka Nanna Vicky)

Vicky Jones (aka Nanna Vicky)

Hi, my official title within the family is ‘Nanna Vicky’, and I’m delighted to be able to share with you a little bit about myself.

I have many hats and responsibilities, but some of the most important ones include being Dr Helen’s mother, and nanna to her children and stepchildren. These roles provide me with a lot of joy and keep me quite busy, which I absolutely love.

In addition, I am also an IT professional with more than 30 years of experience. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with several industries, acting as an IT consultant, and also worked for a number of government organisations where I gained extensive experience in improving their IT services. Now, I might be retired from my previous profession, but I remain an active supporter of Dr Helen and Gareth with their IT requirements and website maintenance.

Providing first class allergy services

However, my true passion lies in Dr Helen’s allergy and our aim to provide clients with first class allergy services. I firmly believe in the ethos and value of the work Dr Helen does . It’s an essential service that deserves the best of the best.

Gareth Evans-Howells

Hello, I’m Gareth, also known as the husband of Dr Helen.

In June 2022, Dr Helen and I made a huge and significant decision that changed our lives forever. After spending 25 years in the Motor Trade industry, we took a massive leap of faith and I chose to leave my previous job.

Now, my sole focus is on establishing and growing Dr. Helen Allergy, aligning with Dr. Helen’s vision of ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality allergy care. Each day, we work tirelessly to ensure that patients can easily and effortlessly receive the care they need.

Our care extends to everyone

Dr Helen and I share a beautiful blended family, consisting of five wonderful children. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to work alongside my wife (although I may be a bit biased). She is the most dedicated and driven person I’ve ever met and everyone who gets to meet her agrees!

Dr Helen’s care extends to everyone, and her passion for the Allergy World is truly remarkable.

Gareth Evans-Howells
Emma Burrows - Dr Helen Allergy Virtual Assistant

Emma Burrows

Hello, I’m Emma. I am a VA and (non medical) consultant, and I primarily support Dr Helen Allergy with social media, the membership and creative ideas.

I love problem solving and finding efficient ways of working. I’m educated to Masters level and have worked in several different sectors and roles, all of which I bring to help those I work with. My role blends both helping people seeking support, and helping a small family business providing that vital support.

Helping others with their allergy journey

I fully understand how the path to diagnosis can be scary and life changing for all involved as my son has multiple allergies and severe eczema. We are currently undergoing a course of immunotherapy (OIT) for some food allergies.  This journey has affected our whole life, but has also bought a renewed sense of purpose.

Quickly accessing clear, factual based support makes the world of difference and is the first step of moving forward.  We have been very lucky in terms of support, and I hope to help others with their journey.

When I get a little quiet time, I love tending to the garden or getting out for a walk in the beautiful countryside where we live.

Dr Helen Allergy
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Dr Helen Allergy
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