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Imagine having a doctor in your pocket, holding your hand every step of the way. Someone to message easily if you’re struggling. A doctor who will guide you about what to do/ how to access help and what to speak to your specialist or GP about.

Imagine regularly chatting to others going through the same thing. Sharing tips, feeling supported and no longer feeling alone.

Membership is for you if you...

  • Want factual advice with scientific basis
  • Want quick answers, near daily
  • Want affordable support
  • Want professionals who genuinely care and ‘get it’
  • Want to find your support village

All members get:

  • Private 15 min 1-1 video consultation with Dr Helen every 6 months that you remain a member
  • Access to Member Experts (Dr Francesca Sawyer, Dr Penny Barnard, Lucy Upton, Odette Rodda)
  • Advice from Parenting Expert Caroline Evans
  • 1x Monthly Live Q&A with all experts
  • Dr Helen responds to your posted questions near daily
  • All expert speaker events and back catalogue of event recordings
  • Exclusive guides & resources
  • Periodic virtual meet-ups with Dr Helen
  • 15% off future courses
  • Archive of previous Q&As
  • Pop up experts, peer supports and other random perks!
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Just £49.99 per month

"Having Dr Helen only a message away as well as all the other fabulous knowledgeable Drs and other allergy parents has been so useful and comforting for us. We have gained so much knowledge" - Priya

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Meet the Membership Team

Dr Francesca Sawyer - Dr Helen Allergy Membership Team

Dr Francesca Sawyer

Hi I’m Francesca, I’m a clinical psychologist specialising in paediatrics, currently working at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

My passion as a clinical psychologist is to work with young people and their families to empower them and equip them with skills, tools, strategies and insights to manage all aspects of their emotional wellbeing and mental health and gain confidence in navigating life’s challenges and hurdles.

Clinical Psychologist specialising in Paediatrics

In 2019 I was extremely fortunate to join the team at the Children’s Allergy Service at the Evelina Children’s Hospital, which is the largest allergy service in Europe. I was instantly shocked at how little psychology support is available throughout the UK for children with allergies, despite research showing us that children with allergies have higher levels of anxiety and lower mood than their peers.

This has made me passionate to continue to raise awareness of the value and importance of psychological support for children and families with allergies, and show just what a difference it can make. Learning that your child has an allergy can feel life changing, but I strongly believe that this doesn’t have to mean life limiting.

Dr Penny Barnard PhD

Penny is a state registered dietitian with over 30 years experience working as a dietitian. She currently works in the NHS as an advanced dietitian for University Hospitals Sussex specialising in paediatric food allergy. She began her career in the allergy world back in 2000 when she was involved in setting up the allergy service at her local NHS hospital.

She uses her extensive knowledge to deliver a weekly allergy clinic with a consultant paediatrician and allergy specialise nurse & is responsible for organising the hospital ward food challenges. She also has a weekly dietetic outpatient clinic to support and guide patients with IgE and non IgE food allergies.

Advanced Dietician specialising in Paediatric Food Allergy

Penny is passionate about supporting the allergy community & helping families gain confidence to manage their food allergies so they can live a happy, inclusive & safe life. Penny says ‘I love working in the field of paediatric food allergy as it is an ever evolving & changing field where you never stop learning’.

She has an active Instagram account, @theallergydietitian, with the aim of arming families with useful, accurate & evidence based information to help them navigate the world of food allergy.

Dr Penny Barnard - Dr Helen Allergy Membership Team
Odette Rodda - Dr Helen Allergy Membership Team

Odette Rodda

Hello! I’m Odette, and I currently work as an Advanced Nurse Specialist in Dermatology and Allergy for Children and Young People at University Hospital Dorset.

In 2009, I joined the dermatology team with the aim of leading and enhancing the children’s service. It didn’t take long for me to realise that I could better serve my patients’ families by expanding my expertise in allergies.

By 2010, I became part of the children’s allergy team and initiated a collaborative clinic that addressed both allergy and dermatology issues for our young patients and their families who were facing challenges. I worked closely with dieticians, co-facilitated educational sessions on Cow’s Milk Protein allergy and eczema, and recognized the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to managing children with eczema and allergies.

Masters in Allergy

I furthered my knowledge by completing a Masters in Allergy, which not only expanded my understanding but also allowed me to connect with like-minded individuals, including Dr. Helen. Fast forward a year, and I’m now working alongside her in her business, where we provide advice on all things related to Eczema and Allergy!

My personal aspiration is to ensure that all families have access to knowledgeable professionals who can effectively manage eczema and allergies, offering practical advice and enabling you to enjoy your time with your child.

Dr Lucy Upton

Lucy Upton is a leading UK Paediatric Dietitian, with over 12 years of experience embedded in the NHS and Private Practice.  She is passionate about championing the nutritional health of babies and children of all ages.

Lucy has gained a wealth of clinical experience supporting children and their families in a range of NHS settings, from GP clinics and schools to Specialist Children’s Hospitals. Lucy’s experience to date has led her to present nationally and internationally on a range of children’s nutrition topics, and she is a guest lecturer at Coventry University and Birmingham City University.

Lucy is a trained media spokesperson and contributes regularly to the written and recorded national press, including features on the BBC Breakfast Sofa.

Leading UK Paediatric Dietician with over 12 years experience

Lucy is passionate about supporting all parents with confidence surrounding their child’s nutrition and feeding!  She has a popular and active Instagram account aiming to empower parents through education, and cut through nutrition nonsense often found online!  She is now also the director of The Children’s Dietitian Ltd, running private 1:1 clinics, providing webinars, courses and free resources to help navigate the tricky world of feeding children.

Dr Lucy Upton - Dr Helen Allergy Membership Team

Imagine having a doctor in your pocket. Someone to message easily if you’re struggling. A doctor who will guide you about what to do/ how to access help and what to speak to your specialist or GP about.

Imagine regularly chatting to others going through the same thing. Sharing tips, feeling supported and no longer feeling alone.

Extra Benefits are:

Weekly Q&A Sessions With Dr Helen and regular help

Exclusive Facebook Group with Online meet ups

Expert speakers delivering talks

15% off all future courses & Modules

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