Psychological Support For Allergies


Psychology Help Modules

Each module will be delivered by Dr Francesca via Streamyard and available for you to watch back at any time.

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All sessions are pre-recorded so you can listen to them on your own time. Sessions will be available for lifetime access.

Module 1

 Learning To Eat Out safely And Confidently

In this course, Francesca will address the fears that hold us back from eating out and go through practical steps that you can work through in order to start eating away from the family home. She will talk about graded exposure plans, assertiveness and taking control of the environment, whilst moving to a position that she calls “safe uncertainty”. She will give some practical tips on how to manage and explain why eating out is a huge part of addressing anxiety and living confidently with allergies.

Module 2

A Psychological Guide To Supporting The Introduction Of New Foods

Introducing new foods can be hard when your child lives with allergies, but a huge and often unspoken part of this is fear and anxiety, rather than safety. On this course, Francesca will help you to explore some of the things holding you and your child back from adding or trying new foods and help give you confidence to start.

She will also talk about some top tips for doing this in graded ways, strategies for ensuring and prompting positive mealtimes and some fun and creative ways of exposing children to new foods in playful ways.

Module 3

Starting School When Living With Allergies

Starting school is a huge transition point for all children. However, add allergies into the mix and this can feel like a minefield. In this module Francesca will talk about ways of navigating this process from the preparation, the first day and the ongoing relationship between you and school. Whilst covering some practical tips for managing allergies at school, she will also focus on addressing you and your child’s worries and things to support a child’s confidence that they can have a healthy and happy school life alongside their allergies.

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